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Welcome to the Oklahoma Christian Academy’s Fine Arts Department, where creativity finds its divine expression. We endeavor to create a nurturing environment that combines artistic excellence with faith-based inspiration. Our department is a haven for aspiring artists, musicians, performers, and creators who wish to hone their talents while deepening their spiritual connection.


At OCA, we believe that every stroke of a paintbrush, every note played on an instrument, and every theatrical performance, can be an act of worship. Our dedicated faculty, comprising experienced artists and educators, are committed to guiding students on a journey of self-discovery and artistic growth. With small class sizes, personalized attention is at the heart of our approach, allowing students to flourish in their chosen discipline.

From traditional forms to contemporary expressions, our curriculum has been designed to give students a wide range of opportunities while targeting their particular talents and interests. They are encouraged to explore the intersection of their creative passions and their Christian faith, understanding that their talents are gifts to be cultivated for the greater glory, and as tools to deepen their understanding of their place in the Kingdom of God..


Join us on this academic journey where artistic pursuits and Christian values harmonize, where creativity flourishes under the light of faith, and where every artistic endeavor becomes a testament to the boundless beauty of God's creation. Discover your purpose, unleash your imagination, and let your artistic soul thrive in the Fine Arts Department of Oklahoma Christian Academy.




Chara Watson

Director of Fine Arts


Kevynn Dunn

Band/Choir Director


Barbara Haywood

Art Teacher

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