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This year-long class is the foundational (9th grade) level of a four year program created by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Foundation, with the purpose of fostering interest in aerospace programs, careers, and industries in order to increase the skilled workforce needed to support those industries.

This class will take advantage of field trip opportunities to visit an aircraft refurbishing site and air museums, as well as invite special speakers to the class.

*In year two, students will learn about weather in aviation, instruments in an airplane, and navigational aids. Years three and four prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in passing the Private Pilot written exam or UAS (drone) Pilot certification.

The curriculum includes the exploration of aeronautic and engineering principles through hands-on activities that require students to work productively in small groups. Students also learn the process of collecting data, analyzing results, and formulating new designs or design improvements.



Pam Donahoo

Aviation Teacher

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