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Connecting with God
This survey course is intended to give high school students an overview of each book in the New Testament. It is structured in a way to present basic information as well as guide students in exercises, discussions, and enrichment activities that will give a solid understanding of the New Testament Books.

Life-Shaping Decisions
This course challenges students with a biblical concept of career stewardship while providing resources to help them build their own career plans wisely and faithfully. The lessons will lead them to discover their talents, to understand important principles of decision making, and to determine the will of God for their career. The exercises and activities will lead students to apply biblical values to their career planning.

Timeless Truth
What is truth? Where can truth be found? Is the Bible reliable and relevant for today? This course in apologetics carefully walks students through the answers to these and other important questions. The course is based on the realization that what you believe about truth and what you rely on for truth are crucial issues that will influence both your thinking and your life’s decisions. Students can apply this principle today as they hear a wide range of claims in the secular environment. Grades are based on quizzes, essays, tests, and class participation.

Understanding the Times
This course will help students clearly understand the tenets of the Christian worldview and how they compare with the tenets of the leading worldviews of our day -- Islam, secular humanism, Marxism, New Age, and postmodernism. Some of the issues include apologetics, art and culture, bioethics, critical thinking, cults, leadership, radical environmentalism, radical feminism, religious pluralism, scriptural reliability, and more. Grades are based on quizzes, essays, tests, and class participation. Class workbook is required.
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